Magstar’s Total Customer
Relationship Management

Gather valuable information about your customers by utilizing a combination of automatic and customer-driven processes, collecting data like phone numbers, addresses, purchase history, lifetime value, and favored products.

Magstar’s consolidated CRM provides everyone in your business with instant access to all pertinent customer information so employees can make each interaction more personal and productive.

The Data You Need to Drive Profits

Ideal product mix
at each location

Track purchasing patterns to discover unique demands at each of your locations, offering the brands and products that sell best with variations by store.

Individualized treatment
of top customers

Identify which of your customers are top spenders, and use Magstar’s gift card and loyalty program capabilities to encourage repeat visits.

Targeted marketing
and promotions

Know which types of media to advertise on to reach intended audience, and understand which promotions compel your customers most.

Deeper understanding
of your target market

Power your business intelligence and analytics with in-depth data about customers that can be studied for insights into future business strategy.

Collect Information Effortlessly

Users of our 2D Scanning technology not only benefit from instant age and identification verification, but also automatically collect customer data as part of the scanning process. This provides a more complete customer profile without badgering them for information at the cash register.