Blackhawk Network and Magstar Bring Expanded Digital Payment Acceptance to Retailers

As digital wallet usage continues to accelerate, global payments provider Blackhawk Network and Magstar Inc., an ERP software leader for midsized retailers, have partnered to expand digital wallet acceptance and enhance digital payments options in-store. Through this partnership, merchants and retailers can easily expand payment access beyond traditional payment methods without adopting an entirely new POS system to meet the needs of shifting digital payment preferences for consumers.


Recent research from Blackhawk shows that of the digital wallet growth seen in 2020, 59% of surveyed consumers have been using their digital wallets more frequently than before the pandemic began[1]. Digital wallet acceptance may also lead to increased shopper loyalty as 63% of respondents report they are more likely to shop at a retailer if they accept the digital payments they use, and 73% of respondents say they want to be able to pay the same way they pay online and in-store1.


“As payments through smartphones become more accepted and ubiquitous, consumers are looking to bring the same convenience and habits of online shopping to in-store experiences, including a seamless payment experience,” said Brett Narlinger, head of global commerce at Blackhawk Network. “With many consumers trying omni-commerce solutions for the first time, they still maintain their existing expectations of the highest levels of service and functionality. We’re proud to deliver on those expectations as a partner with Magstar.”


The new partnership gives Magstar’s diverse retail clients the ability to accept digital wallet payments from consumers using the PayPal and Venmo platforms. Based on Blackhawk’s research, of all the types of digital payment methods available, surveyed consumers report that PayPal is the number one digital payment tool they intend to use in 2021, with 60% of digital payment users planning to continue using PayPal once shopping returns to pre-pandemic levels1.


“Our partnership with Blackhawk brings extremely simple integration and ease-of-use in digital wallet purchases to our clients,” said Steven Greenwood, president of Magstar. “We felt that it was important to give our customers the right tools to enable them to meet the changing demands of their customers in today’s COVID reality. Consumers have shifted their mindset around contactless payments and mobile wallets over the past year, and the integration of seamless digital wallets purchasing will be a critical tool for retailers to adopt.”


With mobile payments on the rise, it’s not just about consumers finding easy payment options, it’s also about ensuring that retailers and consumers are confident in using new payment tools and technologies. The partnership between Blackhawk and Magstar equips retailers with a compelling way to reach target audiences, while also giving consumers the value-added payment experience they’ve come to expect.


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[1] The “Connecting through Payments” study is based on the findings of an internet-based survey conducted by Leger on behalf of Blackhawk Network between March 2 and April 5, 2021. The sample size included over 13,000 respondents in nine countries.