All-in-One Retail Software Solution

Magstar Total Retail is an all-in-one omnichannel system that provides you with everything you need to run your business:

  • Head Office Operation
  • Accounting (Accounts Payable/Supplier Management, Accounts Receivable and GL)
  • POS and Store Management
  • Warehouse and Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligence

Simplify Processes, Manage Your Business Better

Using one piece of software for everything is more logical, secure, efficient and scalable.

By implementing a specialized software tailored to your industry that handles every aspect of your business, you eliminate the extra effort and vulnerabilities that come from trying to get a patchwork of different software solutions to function together towards a common goal.

No More Gaps in Communication

Utilize a common database throughout your entire retail chain to establish clear lines of communication between all business units, including Accounting (AR, AP and GL), Supply Chain, Purchasing, Distribution, Store Operations and Point of Sale.

That way, you get to streamline your user processes, eliminate redundant activity and improve customer relations.

A Consistent Omnichannel Experience for your Customers

Nothing should stop your customers if they want to order online and pick up in store (click and collect), call ahead to have you put together the items you want, or place an order for delivery from within the store itself. An omnichannel system allows you to cater to each customer by allowing them to make purchases from you in whatever way is most convenient for them.

Head Office Operation

Manage and collect information from your various locations using daily automated updates, including:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Order Entry and Processing
  • Perpetual Accounting
  • Sales Reporting
  • Centralized Customer Data
  • Masterfile Management

Perpetual Accounting

Magstar’s accounting solution is comprised of Accounts Receivable, Customer Maintenance, Accounts Payable, Cash Management and Cashier/Store Balancing, Bank Reconciliation and a comprehensive General Ledger supporting channel and profit center design and reporting.

Magstar’s accounting and inventory solution provides a fully automated and integrated system, eliminating the requirement for repetitive and labor intensive data input and paperwork.

Magstar’s Cash Register application provides detailed sales audits:

  • Ability to review all sales transactions for all stores
  • Ability to review and audit end of day balancing and bank deposits
  • Ability to review and audit POS float operations
  • Ability to review all non-tender related POS transactions
  • Ability to examine and audit electronic journals, gift card activity, promotions and price changes

POS and Store Management

Magstar leverages its many technology partnerships to offer customers the most up to date point of sale hardware and software solutions available.

Offer exceptional customer service with accurate product information and targeted cross-sell recommendations.

Realize critical information that facilitates planning and forecasting - by integrating customer information gained at the point of sale, many levels of the organization including head office can gain a clearer picture that will help optimize decision making.

Warehouse and Supply Chain Management

Distribution becomes smarter with the centralized data that Magstar Total Retail collects about sales and inventory at each of your locations.

Automatically adjust your distribution of products based on the demand at each individual location, keeping stocked up on what’s selling well and avoiding potentially wasted shelf space by understanding the unique variations in customer needs from store to store.

Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty Programs

Automatically gather customer data to improve the quality of your interactions with your customers in:

Ideal product mix
at each location

Targeted marketing
and promotions

Individualized treatment
of top customers

Deeper understanding
of your target market

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Make your business decisions data-driven - gain access to detailed information about the performance of your stores by documenting and analyzing:

  • Daily Operations
  • Operations Productivity
  • Daily Merchandise
  • Merchandise Productivity
  • Item Performance Analysis
  • Vendor Management