Magstar Releases Highly Anticipated New Self-Checkout Offering

Magstar Inc., a leading ERP software provider in the midsized retail space, recently announced their latest product release: self-checkout. Accompanying their current ERP/POS solution, self-checkout will allow retailers to benefit from faster, easier processing of customers in-store.


The new self-checkout functionality is compatible with Magstar’s existing POS and features the ability to process not only check out but loyalty cards, memberships and non-cash, including credit, debit and gift card transactions.


As retailers face increasing labour shortages, self-checkout is an adaptable, scalable, and customer-friendly solution for maintaining or increasing checkout volume. Magstar’s new self-checkout application works directly with their standard point of sale, providing the same great POS interface, and integrates seamlessly with Magstar store management tools.


The easy-to-use self-checkout product provides a great advantage to retailers during busy seasons like the Holidays by increasing checkout capabilities while reducing both customer waiting time and staffing costs. Developed with SMBs in mind, Magstar’s self-checkout creates greater capacity in existing staff to focus on what they do best: providing great customer service.


“As more consumers turn to online shopping, brick and mortar retail spaces are having to provide an in-person shopping experience that the Internet can’t replicate. By refocusing employee energy away from staffing checkouts, your team can become your product advocates: recommending products and educating shoppers. We’re all so used to shopping via computers that a customer-friendly self-checkout, such as Magstar’s, is easily able to become a seamless part of the shopping experience.” – Naftali Nathan, Product Manager at Magstar.


About Magstar


For over 30 years, Magstar has been helping midsized retailers integrate operations and synchronize workflow with multichannel ERP, and POS solutions made explicitly for specialized retailers. With an end-to-end solution that addresses unique industry needs, retail chains can automate processes, gain inventory visibility and outshine competitors.


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