How Indiana’s Third Largest Liquor Store Chain Brought 37 Locations into the Digital Age

How do you go from stores using cash registers and pen-and-paper processes into today’s information-rich environment? Indiana Liquor Group, which was formed by a group of investors in December of 2018, was faced with that exact dilemma. The company originally acquired Save-On Liquor, a chain of 30 retail liquor stores. Since then, it has made three additional smaller acquisitions, which added another seven stores. Managing 37 stores across nine counties […]

How Cap n’ Cork Manages 15 Locations While Staying a Fan Favorite in the Community

Cap n’ Cork is a one-stop shop for classic and unique selections of beer, wine, spirits and cigars based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. With 15 locations and 135 staff members, the retail chain is known for its friendly service and broad selection of both popular household names and rarer finds for the craft beer crowd. The business was founded in 1911, when Argire Lebamoff and his brother, Tom, opened their […]