Clearance Centers

Clearance centers buy consumer merchandise from a variety of opportunistic situations including overstocks, closeouts, packaging changes, discontinued products, excess inventories, returns and shelf pulls. They then sell these products to end consumers through warehouse-like stores. Usually clearance centers have distribution centers that they will need quick access to. The ability to know what space is left for large inventory purchases and the ability to store those goods as soon as possible is an important part of running this sort of operation.

Magstar’s Total Retail makes it possible to track products in real time and to ship them to locations where they will move fast. Because of the large quantity of goods purchased there is always a risk in the buy. Being able to get it into the store or online and in-front of the buying customer is crucial to the success of clearance center operations.

warehouse management software, POS, inventory management, clearance salesClearance centers help vendors quickly move their problem inventory out. It is important to understand and honor all advertising and geographical selling restrictions to ensure brand and market integrity remains completely intact. Magstar’s store operations and warehouse management software makes it possible to do that.