The Advantage of a Single
End-to-End ERP Software

Forging a seamless connection between your Point of Sale, accounting software and inventory system is essential for a garden center chain managing multiple locations.

It makes life easier for both employees and head office, resulting in better run stores, better stocked greenhouses, and better customer experiences. A streamlined, unified system also eliminates gaps in communication that can slow down your supply chain.

Why Magstar ?

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How Will ERP Benefit Garden Center Businesses?

The tangible benefits of a comprehensive ERP solution are quite significant.

Intelligent Inventory Management

The seasonal nature of the garden center means that inventory can come and go rapidly, while customers expect a consistent supply of items for their convenience. Being able to coordinate merchandise availability by having a clear picture of inventory throughout the enterprise is essential for a successful garden center chain.

  • Quickly identify understocked items that are selling fast
  • Automate replenishment and distribution, both from warehouses and between stores
  • Accommodate limited space and maximize visibility of best-selling items
  • Match inventory to the unique needs and demands of each of your locations
  • Reduce order sizes on items that are slow sellers

Omnichannel Retail and Mobile POS

Nursery and garden centers are prime examples of retail locations where mobility matters. With inventory spread out over a large area and customers eager to get information at the site of a particular purchase, being able to offer them details about items for sale at the point of pickup can translate to a superior customer experience.

Magstar’s Omnichannel ERP solution interfaces with web and mobile solutions and when integrated with all your channels can allow your customers to:

  • Browse for items online or on a mobile device and ensure the items they want are in stock in your store for when they come in to their preferred location
  • Call ahead to a store and set aside items for them to come in and purchase later
  • Pay for items without having to take them to the cash register
  • Get detailed product information anywhere in the store
  • Call or go online to place an order to be delivered to a store for items not currently in stock
  • Make a purchase in-store and have the items (like heavy or bulky purchases) shipped to a home address or business address

Track and Understand Buying Patterns

Sell more by gathering deep, meaningful insights about the communities you serve and their tastes from location to location, utilizing your valuable display space for the products that you can count on to move quickly.

  • Collect customer information into Magstar’s CRM just by scanning an ID
  • Aggregate your sales data from the POS to track the trends and seasonalities
  • Use reporting and analytics to enable and improve distribution planning
  • Track the performance of sales and marketing campaigns to see what’s working, ensuring your marketing communications are reaching the right people with the right offers
  • Tailor your offerings from store to store, understanding which communities prefer which products and getting down to granular variations that maximize loyalty and sales and minimize unsold stock

Accommodate Complex Product Mixes

Garden centers often offer a wide range of product – beyond just the difference between a lawn gnome and a poinsettia, there are also other considerations like:

  • Interfacing your inventory to your store planogram, understanding which shelf space is dedicated to specific vendors, and which products are interchangeable
  • Using product grouping and categories to improve the quality of analytics, tracking whether customers are mostly buying patio furniture or plants, and within that whether they prefer trees to shrubs, or red flowers to blue
  • Keeping important information in one consolidated place for when customers have questions
  • Staying on top of needed care schedules or supplies for the maintenance of plant products

Promotional Offer Management

Strategic marketing promotions are part of making sure your store is the first thing on people’s minds when it comes to growing and maintaining their garden, and the Magstar system is designed to accommodate and incorporate everything you need to manage when you run a promotion.

  • Run multiple overlapping promotions simultaneously
  • Manage the sending of flyers to customer addresses collected in Magstar’s CRM
  • Automatically ensure stock availability of items connected to promotions
  • Create regular seasonal offers that can be run every year with minor tweaks
  • Send offers to the most relevant customers, targeting the right people with the right offers

Product Development Driven
by Industry Best Practices

You’re not just any other retailer – your business comes with unique challenges that call for specialized solutions, and Magstar understands that. The solution comes preconfigured with the core fields, reports and automated workflows that all garden centers and nurseries need.

Magstar has spent thirty years establishing close relationships with its existing clients in the garden center industry, driving improvements and changes to give them the best possible technology for their specific needs. It’s through these relationships that we are able to incorporate many industry-specific best practices into our software development.

Sample Features

Boost profits with at-the-register automatic offer suggestions based on current shopping basket, checking to see if there’s anything currently in store that would appeal to them based on their past purchases and on what they’re in the process of purchasing.

Maintain the right mix and balance at each individual store by using automated inventory management that orders smaller amounts of slow-selling product and anticipates the days you tend to have high sales volumes, preparing ahead of time.

Keep track of the essential product information your business needs, including:

Indoor vs Outdoor
Maintenance Requirements
Country of Origin
Drought Tolerance
Related Wild Animals
Compatible Products
Container Required

Magstar’s deep experience in the retail industry is one of the reasons we’ve stayed with them for twenty years. Vivah Jewelry

We Don’t Believe In “One Size Fits All”

Other ERP solutions expect you to fit into their mold. We offer you the software features we know all garden centers and nurseries need while understanding that your business is still unique and should be treated that way.

Our team brings decades of garden center retail experience to the table - that means if you want something done, we either already know how to make it happen or else we’re confident we can figure it out. We’re not happy unless you have exactly what you need for your business to flourish.

Complete Customization to Suit Your Needs

Magstar Total Retail is highly customizable and will be tailored to accomplish exactly what you need it to. We work closely with you to really understand your business and how the software can be further configured to simplify and streamline your operations.

Product Records
Customer Records
Employee Portals
Automated Alerts
Business Intelligence Reports
None of these what you’re looking for? We can customize anything.

Magstar never says no – if we need a customization done, they make it happen. Lauren Vena, Passion Vines

ERP as Part of Your Expansion Roadmap

You have ambitions for your business and you want to see it grow.

Multi-location garden center owners choose Magstar because of our successful track record of helping clients to expand and open new locations with minimized difficulty.

We start you off with what you need, when you need it, and add features and capabilities as your operations grow. No wasted money on having to reinvest in a new software solution down the road.

Leveraging Intelligent Automation

Magstar’s solution offers a number of ways to save you and your employees valuable time, and the key to them is automation. As your garden center or nursery chain grows and you add locations and employees, daily processes like sales reports, payroll tracking, ordering and distribution become less feasible to do manually.

Magstar has the ability to shift these tasks from a manual to an automatic process as you need them, helping to reduce the pains of expansion so you can focus on maintaining your success.

We picked Magstar because we wanted to get something we could grow with – something designed for a bigger enterprise that we could start small with and expand into as needed. John Colantonio from Mister Safety Shoes

We picked Magstar because we wanted to get something we could grow with – something designed for a bigger enterprise that we could start small with and expand into as needed. John Colantonio from Mister Safety Shoes
Magstar’s deep experience in the retail industry is one of the reasons we’ve stayed with them for twenty years. Vivah Jewelry
Magstar never says no – if we need a customization done, they make it happen. Lauren Vena, Passion Vines