Luggage & Accessories

luggage and accessories, ERP for retail, POS, point of saleTravel and tourism is a seasonal business and so not surprisingly sales of luggage map to the trends in this industry. Today, the increase in different kinds of travel such as eco-tours and adventure tourism means that customers are looking for specialized luggage. Furthermore, luggage is increasingly a fashion accessory, with customers looking for trendy color combinations and sleek designs. Luggage retailers must innovate to meet these needs. Security demands also influence manufacturer to provide lightweight cabin-sized luggage for overseas travel.

With all these choices, luggage retailers know that being able to keep track of their inventory and promote trendy products is mandatory in their business. Additionally, good service is essential to encourage customers to return for many years for many different travel needs. Having a detailed history of customer transactions helps, not only to impress the customer, at the point of sale but also to reach out with targeted relevant promotions.

For these investment purchases, being able to facilitate smooth returns and exchanges also help to keep customers coming back, yet another benefit of having seamless point of sale service. Inventory management helps store owners and managers to track product lines across the enterprise and make timely decisions about which types of luggage are more successful and popular.

Total Retail’s in-store package allows this client to provide a totally seamless, integrated solution across the entire enterprise, and yet still offers individual stores or franchises the flexibility of choosing the level of store system that is most appropriate for their needs.