Total BI/Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) allows you to analyze your organization’s performance and make timely and profitable strategic decisions. Information is automatically updated, and users can access presentation reports, and even share them more widely through the organization’s intranet.

BI for retailersDesigned for non-technical users, BI is intuitive so that users at all levels of the organization can benefit from having a close perspective on the business. Users can furthermore see data from multiple channels, including your stores, catalogs, and online, which promotes a comprehensive understanding of all these channels.

Beyond the big picture, users can also drill down to the details for further clarity in specific areas of interest, such as department, product group, or SKU, based on filters such as top and bottom performers. BI allows you to analyze elements such as sales trends, hourly sales, inventory position, and turnover. BI allows your decision makers to gain perspective on:

  • Daily Operations
  • Operations Productivity
  • Daily Merchandise
  • Merchandise Productivity
  • Item Performance Analysis
  • Vendor Management
  • Planning
  • Open to Buy
  • Promotions
  • Customer Spending Habits
  • Customer Management