Warehouse and Supply Chain Management for Retailers

  • Accurately track and distribute products
  • Shorten order fulfillment times
  • Manage receiving, stock keeping and order fulfillment
  • Turn cross-dock orders around efficiently
  • Manage put-away inventory with bin location management
  • Reduce inventory investment by improving order fulfillment ratios
  • Reduce overall costs and minimize clerical errors by eliminating paper usage

Everything You Need to Manage Your Warehouse

Order fulfillment from web,
phone and mail orders

End-of-season distribution

Back-order fulfillment

Returns to vendor


Pre/post distributed purchase
order for multiple locations

Intelligent Distribution

By running multiple warehouses on the same database you can improve efficiencies through consolidation, combining goods from multiple shipping pallets into single pallets.

No piece of information generated by your stores is wasted: it provides the insight you need to distribute the right products to the right locations at the right time, increasing revenue.