Crown Liquors Leverages Magstar Total Retail to Streamline Curbside Pickup and Delivery

Toronto, Ontario, June 30, 2020 Magstar Inc., an ERP software leader in the midsized retail marketplace, is pleased to announce that Crown Liquors, a prominent liquor vendor in Indiana, successfully leverages Magstar’s Total Retail ERP system to facilitate curbside pickup and delivery across 19 of its locations.


COVID-19 has irrevocably altered consumer shopping habits. According to Forrester, 95% of buyers want companies to implement physical distancing measures to help keep them healthy, while 30% plan to shop more online in the future. As a result, many retailers, including liquor stores, are looking to curbside pickup and delivery as the solution to these changing expectations.


Though many retailers have managed to successfully set up digital storefronts to process online orders for curbside pickup and delivery, plenty of them struggle to ensure their inventory management is up to the challenge – a challenge that Crown Liquors was able to overcome thanks to Magstar.


“We have recently launched our own online store to facilitate curbside pickup and delivery directly off our own website and app,” said Will Moore, the Chain General Manager at Crown Liquors. “Technology is vital in that respect. The days of simply relying on orders being called in for delivery in our business are over. That might work for restaurants, but it really does not work very well when you stock several thousand products. Magstar has been crucial in facilitating these online transactions.”


Moore went on to elaborate how his business is using Magstar to process large orders. “As soon as a large order shows up,” he said, “we have pick sheets ready that our warehouse people can use to pluck the order off the truck and sort it quickly and efficiently. It literally saves hours of our people’s time, which they can then spend on other tasks.”


“There’s more to facilitating curbside pickup and delivery than just building a nice digital storefront,” said Steven Greenwood, the President of Magstar. “At the end of the day, it all comes down to inventory. Are you displaying the right quantities? Are you able to fulfill your orders effectively? And most importantly, do you have the product you are advertising on hand? All of this is crucial to maintaining a great relationship with customers, and that’s what we help accomplish.”


To learn more about Magstar and its fruitful relationship with Crown Liquors, be sure to visit and check out the full interview with Will Moore.


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