Indiana Liquor Group Implements Magstar Total Retail to Manage Its 37-Store Chain

Toronto, Ontario, February 4, 2020 Magstar Inc., an ERP software leader in the midsized retail marketplace, is pleased to announce that Indiana Liquor Group, a prominent liquor vendor in Indiana, has fully implemented Magstar’s Total Retail system to run its 37-store chain.


Indiana Liquor Group was formed by a group of investors in December of 2018, when it acquired Save-On Liquor, a chain of 30 retail liquor stores, and since then has made three additional smaller acquisitions, which added another seven stores.


As it kept expanding, Indiana Liquor Group needed to move away from traditional pen-and-paper processes and embrace today’s information-rich environment. Magstar Total Retail turned out to be the right system for the job, as it provided the business with the data it needed to bring all of its stores and processes together.


“With 37 locations over nine counties in Indiana, the only way to have reliable data is to have a system like Magstar,” said David Hartley, the CEO of Indiana Liquor Group. “The technology centralizes our operations, generates reports and gives us the kind of visibility that we need.”


“Otherwise, we are akin to flying a plane with a blindfold on until we wait 30 days after the end of the month, when the accounting firm puts together some numbers. If we have a problem, we’re two months behind that curve. Now, if we have a problem, we know today. That visibility is a big win.”


Developed for mid-sized specialty retailers who are struggling to run their stores with generic tech (or minimal tech), Total Retail is an award-winning all-in-one solution that helps vendors oversee their daily operations and provide a consistent customer experience across all channels.


“We’re glad to have Indiana Liquor Group on board, and I’m looking forward to seeing them expand even more,” said Steven Greenwood, the President of Magstar. “And as they grow, so will our ERP system. We will accompany them every step of the way, like a true partner, and I’m excited to find out how we will benefit them down the road.”


To learn more about Magstar and its newly formed relationship with Indiana Liquor Group, be sure to visit and check out the full interview with David Hartley.


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