POS Enhances Profitability

How is POS evolving to meet today’s increasing in-store digital and consumer needs? The number one reason customers don’t return to a store is that they ‘forget’ about that retail outlet. (Source: Bill Glazier, Glazier-Kennedy). State-of-the-art POS ensures memorable and … Continue reading

The Sherlock Holmes’ Guide to Selecting the Best Tablet for Retail

According to a survey by Google, forty-three percent of consumers spend more time on their tablet computers today than at their desktop computers. It was only a matter of time before the benefits and excitement of the tablet movement invaded … Continue reading

3 Biggest Mistakes Retailers Make with Mobile ERP Security

When NYC’s web-weaving crime fighter Spiderman coined the phrase, “with great power comes great responsibility,” he could have just as easily been talking about mobile ERP in the hands of retailers. Once an ERP solution is in place, mobile devices … Continue reading

How to Launch a Winning Enterprise-wide BI Strategy for Your Retail Business

Business intelligence is moving into the hands of decision makers more quickly than ever before. Faster hardware, simpler tools, and easier-to-use techniques have enabled retailers to send highly accurate data to multiple applications within seconds. Despite the availability of these … Continue reading

Why POS Mobility is Becoming a Trend Among Top Retailers

Why POS Mobility is Becoming a Trend Among Top Retailers The current retail marketplace is precarious for companies that aren’t already considering an integrated mobile experience outside the shopping lane. A recent Forrester Research report predicts a rapidly approaching mobile … Continue reading

How to Exceed Customer Expectations and Create Happiness with ERP Solutions

We live in a world growing increasingly more complex for retailers. As customers become more aware of the technological capabilities of their own consumer technology (handheld devices and computers), their expectations for a personalized shopping experience has increased. In an … Continue reading

How ERP Solutions Can Build the Retail Store Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Today’s customer expects the personalized attention akin to the specialized treatment that Sam Malone’s patrons received in that fictionalized and much-beloved TV show Cheers. In today’s world of technological convenience, retail customers don’t just want to shop for products; they … Continue reading

5 Reasons to Implement a Mobile Point of Sale System

If you’ve ever been inside an Apple store, you probably know what a unique experience it is for a customer. There is no check-out counter; a store representative conducts transactions on the floor using a mobile device. They scan a … Continue reading

Mobile Point of Sale: Why 65% of Retailers are Embracing the Wonderful Wizard of POS

Mobility, whether it be at the point of sale (POS) or at other points within the customer relationship management process, is as hot in the retail industry today as the Wizard was in the Land of Oz. In January 2011, … Continue reading