How to Ensure Your Inventory Meets Customer Expectations

Online shopping has changed the way we buy products – no doubt about it. It has also made inventory management a far bigger challenge for most modern retailers. And that’s because many modern consumers expect to get their product on the same day, especially when they’re visiting a physical store. You can safely “blame” this on Amazon. With an Amazon Prime account, a customer can make a purchase, and have […]

How to Effectively Transition to Multichannel Retailing

If you’re worried that your midsized brick-and-mortar chain might soon follow the likes of Blockbuster, the President of Magstar, Steven Greenwood, has shared key tips on how to successfully transition to multichannel retailing.

Retail Security
Retail Data Security Breaches

Consumer concerns over data security at retail locations and what retailers can do to protect their customer’s credit card information.